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Russian software development company

We deliver custom applications, software development services, open source software integration, and help organizations drive agility.
About Helion-Prime Solutions Ltd.

About us

We are privately-held software development company commited to building the best software products. We have been in business since 2004 and love our work.
We help our customers to create professional enterprise systems, integrate open source software, and adopt modern software development methodologies like: Agile, XP, Scrum.

We hire exceptional people which think that software engineering is more than just a job, which constantly aspire to improve their knowledge and create high-quality systems using best practice, and methodologies. With such great team we solve problems of our customers very effectively.

dynamic and ambitious

We believe that our ambition made us outstanding company where everyone feel like part of team, work on total result, improvement, and enjoy it. Whether you are a potential customer, partner, or employee, we hope you will consider joining us.

Featured projects

Guide to UK News & information
The site was started in 1999 by Roifield Brown in Notting Hill. It receives extensive press including Hello, OK, and Sky after holding a glitzy awards ceremony at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill.

In 2007 year myvilage.com site passed 1 Million unique visitors per month. We've invested in this project in 2009 completely rebuilding the site to provide new features, and to support heavily growing user base.
prices.by - товары и цены
Catalog of products in Belarus' Online-stores
The site was started in 2010 to provide users with high quality catalog with emphasis on close to zero maintenance for Online-stores owners.

All product descriptions created by our editorial team that guarantee quality of descriptions and product images. We've developed semi-automatic mapping of products maintained by our editors, and provide support for any plain-text price-list format.

The product was created in 2009 to provide users with complete solution for Online-stores creation with stress on Belarus reality.

We've created platform where user can create new On-line store within 5 minutes. We provide guarantee of availability and prompt reaction of support team. We have well thought-out rate scale including truly free rate to help fresh businessmen to launch Online-store business without additional expenses.
North-Pole Solo
North Pole Solo by Christina Franco
We was lucky enough to meet amazing customer - Christina Franco. She lives with strong wish in the soul to be the first women to walk solo to the Geographic North Pole.

She makes amazing amount of different activities for free to support people all over the world. We've decided that such kindness should be awarded and we with a great pleasure provided all software development work for her for free. We believe she will make her solo to the Geographic North Pole and kindle goodness in various people!
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